What to Bring with You

Be sure to bring the following to your appointment with Student Legal Services:

  • Student ID card or other government-issued picture ID.
  • Cash or a check to cover our consultation fee. SLS cannot accept debit/credit cards or bill student accounts.
  • Any documents related to your legal situation, such as your ticket, bond paperwork, DMV paperwork, Student Conduct/Housing & Dining/OIEC letter, contract, court date notice, apartment lease, photos, videos, letters, emails and/or text messages. If you have a criminal case, you will generally also need to bring your police report. Click here for information on how to get your police report.
  • Honesty. Sometimes students think it’s better if we don’t know certain things about them or their legal situations. In fact, the opposite is true. We can’t properly advise you if we don’t have a complete and accurate picture of things. We need all relevant information—good and bad—to properly advise you. Remember that communications with Student Legal Services are confidential as required by the attorney/client privilege.