Student Legal Services (SLS) is available only to qualifying CU Boulder students. A CU Boulder student will generally qualify for SLS if he or she is currently taking on-campus classes and paying student activity fees. (Student activity fees are fees paid to the Student Government, not tuition.) We may also be able to help with problems arising from life as a CU Boulder student if we are consulted within three months of the last academic term—fall, spring or summer—that student activity fees were paid.

Because our office is primarily funded by CUSG with student activity fees, we are required to limit our availability to CU Boulder students paying those fees. We are also limited to helping CU Boulder students with legal problems that occur during their time as students. Therefore we cannot provide legal services for a student’s friends or relatives, or for student groups. (Note that we are, however, able to make educational presentations to student groups. See our Services page for more information.)