How to Get Your Police Report

You may or may not have received a ticket from the police. If you did, be aware that police reports often consist only of notes on the back of the original ticket. (These notes don’t appear on the back of the ticket you were issued because you only received a copy of the front of the original.) If there are no notes on the back of the original ticket or you did not receive a ticket, the police report will generally come in the form of a typed-out narrative.

To get your police report, you will need to contact the law enforcement agency that investigated your case. If you were issued a ticket, the name of the police agency will typically either be pre-printed on your ticket or “checked off” from a list of police agencies pre-printed on the ticket. If you did not receive a ticket and/or you don’t know which police agency investigated the case, call our office and we’ll try to help you figure that out. If you were taken to jail and dealt with the sheriffs there, please note that the sheriff's office may or may not be the law enforcement agency that investigated your case.

Once you know the investigating police agency, you can use a search engine to find the agency's website or phone number. Many agencies have an online form that you can either fill out and fax in or submit electronically. You can also call the agency (on a non-emergency line!!) and ask for the Records Department. However you order the report, you will need to provide certain information like your name, date of birth, date and location of the alleged incident, type of alleged incident and, if you received a ticket, the ticket number (usually found on the top right-hand corner of the ticket).

You will have to pay for the report, but the cost is typically only a few dollars. Some police agencies will allow you to pay for your report by credit card, after which they will email the report to you. Others do not have an online payment option and/or will require you to pick the report up at the station or have it mailed to you. Don’t wait until just before your appointment to order your report because you may not have it in time. If you will not have the report in time for your appointment or you are having trouble getting the report for some reason, call our office.

The law enforcement agencies our clients deal with most often are noted below, along with links to their records request forms as well as their Records Department phone numbers.

University of Colorado Police
Boulder Police
Boulder County Sheriff