Student Legal Services (SLS) provides consultations in a variety of legal areas, such as criminal defense, expungements and sealings, traffic, landlord/tenant, immigration, divorce, consumer protection, contracts, small claims, insurance, debt collection, wills and employment. We also provide students with consultations on Student Conduct/Housing & Dining/OIEC problems and DMV matters. Representation is available for many of these types of issues. For more information on the most common types of legal issues we see, click on the links to the right.

Even if your legal problem falls outside the areas noted above, call us anyway—we’ve probably dealt with it before. If we haven’t, we’ll often be happy to break new ground with you. 

SLS does not provide any advice on questions regarding taxes, bankruptcy, business, patent/trademark/copyright, real estate or legal claims against a government entity (including the police and the University). Also, we generally do not provide advice on questions regarding legal claims against another CU Boulder student. (See our Limitations on Services policy.) Note that we do not necessarily consider a criminal case in which another student is listed as a co-defendant or victim to be a legal claim against another student. In the event we cannot help you with your legal situation, we may be able to refer you to someone who can.

In addition to our consultation and representation services, SLS is available on request to give presentations to student and campus organizations such as clubs, associations, Greek houses and on-campus alcohol/drug classes. Most often our outreach efforts focus on individual constitutional rights, how to deal with the police, the Student Conduct Code and other similar topics. If you would like SLS to present to your group, please contact us, and we’ll be happy to do so if we can.